Fnaf oc maya puppet by shadowheartxxx-d88hiz3

She is the female version of The Puppet.

Bio Edit

Maya will only appear in CAM 6, CAM 11, and inside the female toilets. During the day, Maya will sing to with The Puppet and dance with him. She will visit the party rooms to hang out and draw with the children. She helps in the kitchen with the pizzas for the little ones. Maya also gives hugs to the player and the children.

Looks: Edit

Maya has a white face, like The Puppet and she wears a purple tank top with two white buttons. Her shorts are the same colour as her shirt. Maya has two white bracelets on her arms and white sprites on her ankles. Maya has red eyes, instead of white and she has blue short hair. Maya has pink blush cheeks and red lipstick. She also has a black bow on her head. She has three fingers and the same smile as The Puppet, expect she has teeth.

Behaviour Edit

Maya is really friendly towards the player, but she will kill the player if they stare at her for 30 seconds. She will pounce on the player, so be careful. Maya is friendly towards children, to adults and the staff she is okay with them. She was built in 1986 before the pizzeria was opened.

Trivia Edit

- Maya's crush is The Puppet

- Maya will appear in the hallway

- She hates the flash-light

- If the player wears the Freddy Mask, she'll seduce you.

- If you see Maya in the hallway, look at the cameras. She won't be there.

- On rare encounters, you'll see Maya in the vents.

- A rare screen pops up with Maya having human-like eyes.